photo by Nicole Ens

Amber Bryans

In 2009 I was spewn out of art school upon the world with a degree and the existential angst typical of painters upon completion of BFA’s.  In the five years that followed I taught art and engaged in international and domestic moves with my husband and two young children.  In 2014, I returned to painting, this time as a practice.  Since then my work has grown in confidence, expression and clarity.  

While the majority of my works have been in acrylics, I consider my artistic practice to be multi-disciplinary and also work with other mediums including watercolour, audio, installation, papercuts, photography, linocut, and most recently, oil painting. 

Most of my childhood was spent in a small town on the Canadian prairies, and many of my recent works are glimpses of the emotive power of clouds, sunsets and endless horizons.  I also have spent part of my adult life living with my family in northeast China, where my work has been influenced by the people, art, culture, and landscape of the steppes of Inner Mongolia.  

Themes that reoccur in my work include communication, identity, transience and culture.  I am interested especially in creating works that express fleeting moments and transition- the in-between.  

I currently practice my art in my home studio with whatever time I can find in the midst of homeschooling my two children and living life.