Over the past two years, “Faces” has emerged as a body of work both personal and profound. Born out of processing grief, trauma, and healing, these artworks began as an expression of my own journey.

Taking advantage of the fluid and spontaneous nature of watercolour, each piece begins with wet-on-wet abstract shapes and a selection of colours. Over the following days or even months I come back to the watercolour forms and develop intuitively the images that emerge. Frequently the shapes are faces to me, as silhouettes; other times the images are more complex. As the shapes develop, the forms converse with one another. These artworks record my explorations of identity, memory, relationships and internal subconscious.

I desire in these works others may make connections with their own experiences. I hope to reflect a bit of our shared humanity in a beautiful, authentic way, and ultimately, for the viewer to respond in honesty, consideration, and grace to their own experiences, inheritance and legacy.

Intersection I

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