Red-Breasted Nuthatch (detail)

During the 2020 pandemic, I explored block printing for the first time. This opened up a new field of artistic expression for me, and with it, new subject matter: birds. On one level, this series is simply a record of birds found in our province, on another, it represents a yearning for a freedom that is beyond my grasp.

Birds symbolize freedom, responsiveness and being carefree. And flight, for me suggests escape from the confines of pressures and concerns. Within the confines of our earth-bound lives, these creatures experience a spontanaety and freedom that is beyond our grasp.

As I homeschool my children and we observe the birds that arrived in our backyard we learn about the names, behaviours and personalities of our feathered neighbours. On our excursions to forests and prairie we continued to learn and observe. The collection continues to expand alongside our own learning: from common birds to endangered species, and backyard birds to ones that can be found outside our city.

Black Billed Magpie, 6×6″ linocut print on 8×8″ Stonehenge paper
Burrowing Owl In Gold, Linocut print on 9×9″ Stonehenge paper
Red-Winged Blackbird, 6×4″ Block print on 8×6″ Strathmore Mixed Media paper
Chickadee with Gold Ring, Linocut print on 8×8″ stonehenge paper
Chickadee, 6×4″ print on 8×6″ Strathmore mixed media paper
House Sparrow, 6×4″ print on 8×6″ Strathmore mixed media paper

All of the prints currently available can be found through my Etsy store, PaintAndLine