In 2020 I began working in relief printing and it quickly took over the majority of my art practice. I have three main bodies of work in development: a collection of Saskatchewan bird portraits, boreal forest scenes, and narrative/symbolic works featuring crows and other birds.

Recent Work: “Inhale” and “Exhale”

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Saskatchewan Birds

My Saskatchewan Birds series are portraits of common birds found in Saskatchewan. This collection started out as my response to backyard visitors and other birds I encountered in the wild. Every few months a print is added, most of which are printed on 6×8 or 8×8” paper.

Forest Prints

My childhood was shared between Saskatchewan’s northern forests and southern prairies. While the prairie skies dominate my paintings, the forest finds a place in my prints. Forest trails, tree lines at the edge of town, and boreal landscapes run deep in my heart and come out in my linocut prints in different ways.

At times, my works reflect on human impact of the land, such as after a forest fire. Fires are a part of the natural forest life cycle but are increasing disproportionately as global warming increases.

Another set of prints working with forest landscape are “Treeline” and “In Passing.” These are made with either printmaking alone or printmaking mixed with watercolour to create the impression of returning to the same place daily while the skies continually change. A sense of permanence mixed with the passing of time.

The mixed media below is one of many prints created from my “Treeline” blocks

Narrative/Symbolic Works

As I process my own memories, growth, trauma and healing, these themes creep into my work. In these prints, I find myself reaching for ways to use birds and other images of the natural world to speak about human experiences, emotions, and psychology.