16×20 Linocut Print , Forest Landscape, River Valley , Titled “Return”


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16×20 Linocut

Variable Edition Reduction Linocut

Limited Edition

Hand printed

Only select prints from this edition are currently available.

The concept: this valley is created from my imagination and memory from a scene in my childhood. I chose the title “Return” as the word is both a noun and a verb, an event, an action, and also gaining interest on something. I return to this place in my mind and heart.

Explaining technical terms:

Linocut – a printmaking method using carving tools to carve into linoleum. The remaining surface creates the final image and holds the ink for printing. Ink is rolled on the lino and paper is applied and pressed by hand or with a printing press. (The prints in this edition were printed by hand)

Variable edition – this edition of prints intentionally has variations in colour and paper

Reduction – multi layer prints that are made by carving away the same printing block for subsequent layers. For this reason all reduction linocuts are by default also limited editions. Additional prints cannot be made beyond what is printed for the edition, as earlier layers are destroyed in the process. This edition has 17 prints, and no more prints can be made.

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Finish: Black on Kitikata, Finish: Black on Stonehenge, Finish: Purple / White, Finish: Grey, Finish: Purple / Pink, Finish: Blue, Finish: Turquoise