Black-Billed Magpie Hand-Made Linocut Print


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Revered in some cultures and scorned by others, the magpie is a bird of legends and lore across the northern hemisphere.


As a child, I was fascinated by the stories I’ve heard of this clever bird with a love for all things shiny. Even though it’s unlikely that this bird is such a collector, I feel that the magpie itself is quite a treasure, and I continue to admire the beauty and personality of this intelligent creature.


***This listing has three print options***

-Unbleached Mulberry/Bamboo blend paper 9×9 inches (light weight, almost transluscent with a texture) with black ink

-100% Warm White Cotton Stonehenge 8×8 inches (heavier weight) with black ink

-100% COOL White Cotton Stonehenge 8×8 inches (heavier weight) with NAVY BLUE/BLACK ink


My prints are handmade in each step of the process- from carving, inking, printing- all at my desk in my home studio.


These are limited edition prints- with only 20 prints total in each of the two editions, Mulberry and Stonehenge.



The Uniqueness of Linocut Prints:


The linocut process is entirely different than a digital print; with linocut there are naturally occurring variations that make each piece a truly original work of art. The process starts similar to woodcut, the design transferred or drawn onto the soft cutting surface. Negative spaces are removed, and the remaining surface carries the shapes that will be transferred. A roller (brayer) is used to roll out the ink to the right consistency, then the same roller applies the ink to the block’s surface. A paper is applied on top, then pressure is applied firmly and evenly to transfer the ink to the paper. After the paper is lifted, the print is left to dry, to be signed.

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Material: 1- Warm Mulberry, Material: 3- White Stonehenge