Custom 5×7 House Portrait


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Home is where the heart is!

Take this opportunity to celebrate, remember and treasure a place special to you or a loved one with a handmade unique piece of art.

This order is for a 5×7 custom house watercolour painting. The painted area is slightly smaller than 5×7, leaving space for a white border, appropriate for framing in a standard 5×7 photo frame. The whole artwork including border is approximately 8×10 inches, and I can leave room for a larger border upon request.

These smaller paintings are by nature in a looser style of painting than my 8×10 home portraits. I take great care to keep the house recognizable and to incorporate distinct features.

Regarding the reference photo: I prefer to do “straight head-on” perspective on these smaller works, so please take the picture from directly in front and farther away (to reduce distortion in the reference image.) Lighting (sunny, overcast) will be in the same as the reference image.

Please include in your comments anything I should keep in mind in the painting (things you would like omitted, text you would like written at the bottom, or if you want vertical or horizontal orientation)