Leaving / Crow with Tree / Linocut Print


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14 x 11″ Hand Printed Linocut

Professional Relief Printing Ink on Japanese Gampi Smooth Paper


A landscape with a tree empty of leaves. A crow sits on the branch, looking down, as a feather floats away. Just beyond there is a mound and a cluster of grasses. In the distance there is a horizon, fields, some trees, and two birds flying away.


This print is about the things we leave behind, releasing, before moving on.


The Uniqueness of Linocut Prints:

The linocut process is entirely different than a digital print; with linocut there are naturally occurring variations that make each piece a truly original work of art. The process starts similar to woodcut, the design transferred or drawn onto the soft cutting surface. Negative spaces are removed, and the remaining surface carries the shapes that will be transferred. A roller (brayer) is used to roll out the ink to the right consistency, then the same roller applies the ink to the block’s surface. A paper is applied on top, then pressure is applied firmly and evenly to transfer the ink to the paper. After the paper is lifted, the print is left to dry, to be signed.