My Inspiration and Process

I make art in my home studio in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but being an artist is much more embodied than just that slice. The ideas, skills, and heart behind my artworks start way before each piece is even started. In this way, art is a yield- a harvest of life experiences, developed abilities, and perspective.

I’m in love with the natural world, and also endlessly fascinated by human psychology, so I create works that are an expression of both. Sometimes my works are literal, such as a striking sunset or a portrait of a bird. Other times they are responsive, such as in consideration of human impacts on the land. Other times these artworks are symbolic, using images of birds or the land to talk about human experiences and emotion. I want my art to connect with our humanity- within ourselves and within this world.

I find myself drawn towards methods of art making that are intensely physical and material, mixing paints or inks, applying to a surface, hand burnishing- these processes provide their own challenges, rituals, and kinesthetic experience that is deeply satisfying. I love taking substances and manipulating them manually until I either meet my goal or discover something else along the way.

My time in the studio oscillates between play led experimentation and methodical discipline. Each state informs the other, and together both keep me in a state of growth. I try to keep developing my skills with the discipline that is required while stretching my perspective and exploring ways I can take things further.

In making these works with joy and beauty, meaning, and expression, I hope to make art of quality and content that will last beyond trends. Art that is authentic. Art that brings beauty and meaning to the spaces they fill.