Amber Bryans


In 2009 I was spewn out of art school upon the world with a degree and the existential angst typical of painters upon completion of BFA’s.  In the years that followed I taught art and engaged in international and domestic moves with my husband and two young children.  In 2014, while living in Inner Mongolia, I returned to painting as an art practice.  I painted landscapes and my work grew in confidence, expression and clarity.  

In 2020 I picked up block printing on a whim, and linocuts quickly took over my art and my life.  Despite the emphasis on printmaking and painting, I still hang on to the identity of myself as a multi-disciplinary artist, exploring different materials and working in whatever best suits the current project at hand.

A lot of my recent works feature works often feature landscapes, forests, prairie skies, and wildlife, particularly birds. 

I currently practice art in my home studio in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.