I currently have a limited capacity for commissioned works, but depending on the project I might be able to take it on.

Please contact me if you are interested

House Portraits
Stamp Carving

A commissioned tryptic, 2022

In the past my commissioned work has included indoor murals, paintings in watercolour or acrylic. Other possibilities for commissions include ink drawings, linocut prints, or hand-carved stamps. Please feel free to approach me with your ideas!

General guidelines for commissioned works: I do not sell works that are fan art of any liscenced/copywrited character. Likewise I will not recreate the work of another painter, photographer or artist. I prefer to work from personal photographs or to take an idea and bring it to reality.

The best commissions are completed in dialogue! I spend time getting an idea of what the collector is looking for in a piece, the purpose of the artwork, and important features. I have found this process immensely rewarding, and so have my collectors.

House Portraits

Watercolour house portraits were some of the first works I painted for commission, and I continue to produce these from time to time to help support my family and art practice. These lovely little paintings make great gifts, for housewarming, celebrating home ownership, as a thank you for hospitality, or to remember a building that is no longer in the family. My customers that have ordered these house portraits often come back to order a second or third for other people in their lives. Or the gift recipient turns around and commissions a painting for someone else!

These paintings are more detailed and take longer to produce than my landscape paintings because I take extra care to ensure a strong likeness. They are made with high quality watercolour paint and archival paper. The two size options are made to fit within standard size frames and have a generous borders.

Prices reflect the extra time to make these commissions, and include shipping in Canada.


“Hills” Mural, in context of massage therapy space

Murals are a fantastic way to bring art right into a space to create an immersive environment. My mural style is expressive, full of active brush strokes, and can be abstract or nature themed. My murals have the same attention to colour that I would give to a canvas painting, with the added considerations of the use of lighting in the room.

My murals are created with high quality latex house paints with a matte finish. A clear topcoat can be added in pearl or gloss if desired.

Prices for murals vary depending on complexity and size, with prices for a wall sized mural starting around $600.

If a space is to have dramatically changing lighting, I intentionally accommodate that in my painting, to have it look great with whatever is going. My “Hills” mural was created for a massage therapy room which typically had low lighting with a mixture of warm and cool sources, and at times even diffused natural light when the door was open. The mural was painted to handle all of these lighting situations and still look superb.

“Hills” Mural with the warm/cool mixed low light that would be in use during massage therapy sessions
“Hills” Mural when viewed through natural light only (from doorway) .

Stamp Carving

Relief printing tools and technique can also be used to create hand-carved stamps, for personal or business use. These stamps can be used to print with a stamp pad, or with a roller and printmaking inks. If you would like to order a stamp, please contact me. Prices start at $40 CAD for custom stamps.